Anoek Steketee

After studying photography at the Royal Academie of Arts in The Hague, Anoek began to work as a freelance photographer while also undertaking her personal long term projects, which includes Frontstage, about the imposed theatre of public life in Iran and the roleplay of the individual at public places. The serie has been published in various magazines such as The Guardian Weekend, Vrij Nederland , Exit and Zoom and has been exhibited internationally.

Her latest serie, Dream City, named after an amusementpark in Iraq, is the result of a journey through the constructed world of amusementparks in collaboration with writer Eefje Blankevoort. From 2006 until 2010 they visited together amusementparks in various countries over the world. Different parts of the series have been published in Vrij Nederland, D-Repubblica, Internazionale and Ojodepez.
The book Dream City - which contains photographs, backgroundstories and personal stories of visitors and employees of the amusementparks - will be published in spring 2011 in an english and dutch edition. The exhibition combined with an educational program will tour from 2011 to various countries, starting in europe.

Currently Anoek works on a project about a popular radiosoap in Rwanda.
Since 2006 Anoek has been represented by gallery Gabriel Rolt, based in Amsterdam.